who we are

Malek Al-Anwar is specialized in electrical equipment relying on its highly experienced staff with several years in the industry


The company’s reliability made it one of the top companies in the field and earned it the exclusivity to being an agent to several companies including the famous FAGGIOLATI PUMPS  , as well as being a distributor for other companies like the Italian SAER ELETTROPOMPE  and the Turkish tahriksan

The company supplies the government and the private sector alike with an array of its products such as:

Supplying submersible pumps for heavy water processing
Supplying water desalination stations
Supplying high pressure and low pressure pumps
Supplying Electrical Motors of varying sizes
Supplying Gearbox Engines
Supplying Fuel Pumps
Supplying Vertical Pumps

Our goal is to contribute to building the country and activating the role of the private sector

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