Malek Al Anwar for general trading
Specialized in electrical equipment trade
Exclusive Agency for Faggiolatipumps
We are the only agency for Faggiolatipumps in Iraq
The best equipment for any problem
we offer the best pumps in the Iraqi market

Premium Quality Pumps

We offer some of the highest quality pumps in the market, all guaranteed to work with high efficiency and durability

We offer solutions for all water pumping needs, industrial and commercial and we have a wide array of products that should suit the need of any project. To learn more about the services we offer and what products we have click the button below

What is Malek Al-Anwar ?

Malek Al-Anwar is specialized in the field of electrical equipment in general and water pumps in particular.





Most Suitable Equipment for Iraq

We focus on having equipment that works well in the Iraqi environment, therefore all of our equipment is tested and guaranteed to work with full efficiency in Iraq.

Videos of our products

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